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3.0 final (no release date set)


problem with stopping speech
copy/paste in some dialogs
error in updating Windows menu with Queries
a memory reference bug in the tabs control as used in the prefs
numerous small fixes
more efficient code, slightly faster :)
menusharing protocol finally implemented well (both 68k and ppc). frontier should work with ircle without crashing


all dialogs now allow color/styled text fields. this makes it very easy to make colored shortcuts for instance
all dialogs allow drag and drop
password fields in join dialog and connections settings. (available for non Appearance Mgr systems also)
video windows can be resized both at the sender and receivers side, without stopping the video stream
most dialogs are modeless now
error dialogs are now modeless with Appearance Manager installed
dcc is a little faster.
support for upcoming Kaleidoscope version

3.0b10 (third posting Dec 19 2 AM CET)

known bugs (Dec 19):
1) copy/paste in dialogs wont work correctly when using the Edit menu. It does work when using command-c-v etc.
2) Applescript: ircle doesnt allow creation of new buttons in the userlist.

fixed a problem with identd mixing up usernames when connecting to multiple servers at the same time
changed window positioning behavior when opening new windows to the good ol' b9 behavior (thanks Ratserv for mentioning this :))
German version posted
added Mercutio MDEF 1.5 which fixes a crash when using popup menus (although we didnt receive reports regarding this)

3.0b10 (second posting Dec 16 5 AM CET)

fixed the about box bug (received 3 reports that the about box crashes ircleon 68k macs.)
fixed a bug where ircle reports error -32767 when quitting (happens when speech manager is installed and no voice is selected)

3.0b10 (first posting Dec 15 10 PM CET)

all prefs available/settable through applescript
a large number of applescript changes/bug fixes
import/export server list as text file
color popup menus in inputline and relevant dialogs (no more ctrl-c typing for colored text)
movies now save correctly (wont crash quicktime 3.0 movieplayer)
fixed a number of bugs related to connecting to servers
more than 10 channels can be opened now (though most servers will limit you to 5 or 10 per connection)
now does Shared Menus as provided by Frontier or URL Manager
added Find option
color filter option
seems compatible with system 8.1 (due January 98)
millenium proof (j/k)
documentation ready and posted

final call for bugs. they will be solved as soon as possible + a new posting will occur.

3.0b9 (Sept 26)

fixed 2 crashing bugs related to nil handle deference (yes we all make mistakes).
   1: while updating the userlist 2: while closing help windows.
added new Mercutio mdef 1.3.3
fixed problem with dcc chat while talking to certain bots (Error no linefeed in buffer)

3.0b9 (Sept 6)

fixed a crash while updating the inputline when it's set to a small size
the userlist now gets drawn correclty under low memory conditions (bug introduced in earlier beta)
added applescript classes for shortcuts and colors
dcc window shows small icons of files sent and recieved.
various minor bug fixes

we received some reports about DoubleScroll not being compatible with ircle or vice versa. Disable Doublescroll if you experience freezes or crashes with ircle.

3.0b9 (August 6)

fixed a double dispose of a region, causing severe crashes on 68k macs..

fixed some more crashes on b/w quickdraw machines. it should work fine now on all macs running system 7.0
     controls now get drawn offscreen on these machines. looks nicer..:)
fixed some cosmetic bugs related to kaleidoscope
added 'range' and {} support in applescript (get nick of connection 2 thru 5, or echo "blah" in channel {2,3,6} )
added support for 'big' faces. Dbl click on a face to see a big pic. Use Option Set Face to set one. You can also add some
text to the big face window..

there are some crashes occurring when clicking in scrollbars with kaleidoscope 1.7 installed.
this can been solved by installing Kaleidoscope 1.7.1
3.0b9 (June 30)

fixed some crashes on black and white macintoshes.
fixed a small bug with the friends dialog
dcc GET now recognizes macbinary as it should
dcc resume now does resume with pc clients.
fixed bugs related to face file updates.
fixed copy-paste etc. using the Edit menu in some dialogs.

Jun 24:

fixed a crash when a dialog was up and a channel window behind it was closing or about to show.
added 'create .chat file' in the file menu
added 'create subfolders per day' in the log prefs
fixed problems 'fspcreate' errors with log files.
face get now exchanges all action faces.
fixed a bug with the channel list window when a user was unable to select the last item.
added date and time of compilation in ctcp version reply
DCC RESUME, currently you have to have Auto Get and Auto Save on, in order to be able to send dcc resume requests when receiving. you dont need it while sending files.

fixed a bug causing video stream not to start sending sometimes
speeded up serverlist sorting.
added new irc networks/servers
scripts now can set some preferences in ircle. were trying to make all preferences available for scripters.
currently supported: ctcp switch, soundfolder, fserve folder and other folders.
updated faq in Help Menu

3.0b8 (Apr 16)

fixed problems with -113 errors.
fixed a small leak when calling script handlers
added logging option in the prefs
added 'all notices to console' and 'all priv messages' to console option in misc prefs.
fixed a problem with sounds in scripts occurring on some macs.

fixed 3 similar memory leaks with objectaccessors (script handlers). getting users, channels and connections could fill up memory with a lot of small blocks, never to be released again.
added a new tab cdef (kaleidoscope savvy)
fixed problems with unreadable text when a dark kaleidoscope scheme was selected.
fixed some problems with obscure floods (crash, or excess flood signoff)
added wav sound play. (works with most wav files, if quicktime 2.5 is installed). also midi and movie files can be played with ctcp sound
added dccchatmsg() (see events handler)
added some items to the channel popup menu (show ...., and speech)

3.0b8(2) (Mar 8)

added some fserve enhancements: !message files will be displayed when entering a folder,
                                file types are displayed now
fixed a bug showing garbage in the topic line when japanese or chinese script system is installed
applescript: connectionevent() now gets dcc events also (connection numbers 11 and up)
             added some properties in the connection object
             connectionevent handler (incorrectly reported servername) 
fixed a small bug in the notification when ircle is in the background (dcc requests/error msgs)
increased stackspace for improved stability (especially with the 68k version)
fixed a bug in the pref files with fserve and dcc folder settings.
fixed a bug with the notify handler (return true didnt work as it should)
compatible with Kaleidoscope color schemes/Aaron extension. Ircle now uses these colors as much as possible. :)
fixed a longstanding bug with the GETs of multiple offered DCCs, when no dcc get directory was set or autoget was off.
fixed problems with the dcc send dialog (with quicktime preview) occurring on some macs.
fixed bug in 'select window "name"' handling.
increased Macbinary DCC send speed a bit..

known problems: older Objectsupportlib (applescript related extension) versions can cause crashes with ircle on some macs
current version 1.1 or 1.2 should work.

3.0b8 (Jan 27)

due to the large number of enhancements compared to ircle 2.5 the current version will be named 3.0 now

Warning: ircle 3.0 creates a new preferences file 'ircle 3.0 preferences'. It will automatically import the old preferences file
EXCEPT the settings for folders and files (custom sounds, dcc dirs, ctcp sound, face file..) You have to restore these prefs
manually. You will also need to restore some other general prefs. Your friends list and serverlist and most other prefs will remain the same

fixed a large number of applescript bugs (loading/unloading, and some other)
fixed a small sound bug (erroreous behavior under low memory conditions)
made some optimizations to let irclescripts run a little faster. (esp. the ones with few handlers)
when the cursor is now moved above any text input field in dialogs, it will change to an ibeam cursor.
irclescripts now allow use of the 'whose/where' command
fixed some small video bugs. (updates of windows)
an Applescript applet run to control ircle (from the finder or another mac) now can call handlers of a loaded ircle script and get the result also
added Speech pitch setting in the Speech prefs. (50 is normal value)
added on dns(), on kill(), on silence(), on connectionevent()
recieved video data now appears in a separate window (one per nick)
video window resize now is proportional at all times.
fixed a bug in 'select channel "name" of connection x'
video window doesnt get hidden when switching apps.
added Quicktime preview file selection dialogs, enabling to view gifs/jpgs/picts, and hear snd/wav when /dcc sending or selecting a face or a /sound
changed 'match' command again, it now returns a list, check the latest matchsample script for details
POPUPS: they don't work yet.

for best results with VIDEO STREAM:

if you have a screen with 256 colors or less: set the Compressor to Photo Jpeg, any quality (but 50 will do)
if you have a screen with more than 256 colors: set the Compressor to Video, set Key Frames to some number, for instance 30.
and set the quality to any value (but 50 will do most of the time)
if you have a b/w quickcam, make sure you set the popup menu with the Compressor settings to Grayscale.

type /dcc sendvideostream nick to send a stream
type /ctcp nick video stream to get a stream from someone.

note: we get a lot of questions about the compatibility with Mirc color texts. Currently mirc 4.7 isnt compatible with ircles colors.
There is a discussion going on between -all- client coders about the implementation of colored text on irc. No standard has been set
yet. The same goes for Pirch video streams, which are currently incompatible with ircles. 

2.6b7r8 (Jan 6)

fixed problems with /notify reporting incorrect signoffs (this bug has been around for months..:))
/sound and /load now select first item in their folder instead of the folder itself
/sound now sends then ctcp command correctly, when the sound name has spaces in it
prefs now show directory path correctly in all cases..
added nickuserhost in user record (applescript)
connection status access in applescript now works.
new userlist, connection window, channel list window headers and sort direction button (doesnt work in connection window yet)
dcc window reports estimated time left for each dcc
video picture drags are now transparent on ppcs macs
fixed (hopefully) some problems with drag/drop text on some macs.
font menu shows font size in outline when font size is available.
fixed /broadcast command: /broadcast /me tests works now, as does /away
fixed some problems with the channel list window. (join button after /list)
some offscreen (gworld) routines now make use of temp memory
fixed massunban

known problems: some ppl have reported problems with the 'match' command. we are investigating this.
note: as of this version 'match' always reports a number. 0 means no match.

2.6b7r7 (dec 18)

fixed reliability problems on 68k macs
fixed display command (colors)
added friends list access from scripts
added access to ircle folder prefs (ctcp sound, dcc, etc) from scripts
scripts can now also be aliases to scripts
/dcc send nick now accepts a file name (optional) for use with scripts
fixed out of memory bug in video window.

2.6b7r6 (dec 12)

fixed identd problems
fixed mem leak with video get
fixed video problems on 8-bit screens
changed match applescript command to handle lists (see matchsample)

2.6b7r5 (dec 4)

fixed memory leaks with certain scripts (reported by Atmosfear)
fixed bug with video window (unable to grab picture and close window) (reported by koichi)
scriptsfiles are now are left open when running enabling access to resources stored in the script file
bug fixes related to banlist
argstring bug fixed
script argument bug fixed
crashing bug on some macs on quit fixed (related to scripting, introduced in r4)
added 264 and 310 numeric replies (end of userhost list, helper ops) (reported by rabi, Leviatan)
added fserver script (thanks Possible)

2.6b7r4 (Dec 1)

fixed some video problems (memory, updating, settings,recognizing digitizers)
fixed crashing problems when quitting (mactcp)
fixed file not found error when playing sounds
fixed minor other bugs.
scripts: some arguments to handlers are now passed as numbers (connection # etc.) check the events script

if you have an AV port on your mac or you connected a QuickCam or other camera, you can open a video window
in ircle and let others take snapshots of it. Type /VIDEO to open the window, if it doesnt open your mac isnt
capable of grabbing video.
type /ctcp nick video get to get a snapshot of someone :)

known problems: some crashing problems when HP background is installed (1991 version)
              : crash at startup when AppleScript isnt properly installed

fixed crash when hitting return/escape/enter in the server selection dialog
added notice sound
added possible future video snapshot support routines.
fixed some rare general crashes

2.6b7r2 (Nov 21)

fixed tcp driver problems introduced when porting ppc code to 68k version
fixed occasional crashes related to connection editing/selecting a server/changing nicks

2.6b7 (Nov 15)

properties of scripts now get saved when /unloading :))
add face get and set buttons in the faces window.
fixed memory leaks in faces window
changed dcc button layout
hopefully fixed problems with autoreconnect

2.6b6 (Nov 12)

fixed a memory problem related to sound play from disk
added AppleScript access to bans
'connect/disconnect' commands now works
fixed problems with 'select'
fixed problem causing random userlist button activation when selecting a user

2.6b6  (Nov 8)

fixed problem with getting banlists when not on that channel
fixed problem with dcc and long usernames (windoze 95)
ircle now recognizes and processes .chat files
fixed small memory leak after closing channels windows
fixed problem with reentering inactive dcc chat window
dcc window shows actual data acknowledged when sending, not the number of bytes sent. (which may differ up to 32k)
fixed a problem with /type (wrong connection)
positions of chat and queries window are now being saved.
ctcp requests now show 'private' or 'channel' with it
recent nick and channels now preserve upper/lowercase names
fixed a memory leak with the idle applescript event

2.6b5 (nov 1)

/load (without arguments) shows a standardGetfile dialog and selects the scripts folder
some inputline layout changes
text speech works better now with some lines containing colors and word with both letters and digits (urls for instance)

fixed problems with very long notify lists
fixed a small problem in the recognition of Macbinary files
fixed a problem with the recognition of AppleScript availability
dcc connection type picts are now drawn correctly when selected

2.6b4 (oct 30)

added idle script (yes a timer :) )
fixed a bug when quitting (applescript related)
removed 'executing script' etc. messages
fixed display command
fixed select command

2.6b4 (released Oct 27, 1996)

added applescript commands: 'display' (for dumping text to a window with an optional color)
added argstring variable to get the whole argument line (as one string not as a list of items)
fixed version and date/time replies from user and channel info
added some new scripts.
added notify handler

fixed disappearing floaters problem
added new serial # algorithm, registered users will be emailed about this.

2.6b3 (released Oct 23, 1996)

added handler for: invite, notice, inputline
added Match command to match a string with a wildcard string :)
added feature to prevent ircle from processing further after calling a handler ('return true')
fixed a memory leak related to applescript

2.6b2 (released Oct 21, 1996)

added handlers for ctcp, numeric server replies, wallops, /load (loading of script) and
   /unload (called before unloading of script)
added Play and Speak applescript commands
added script error dialogs

NOTE: the interface for all handler has changed. read the new eventhandler script.

You dont need to have all eventhandlers in your own script. just add what you like

1) ircle first checks if the command is a reserved word, like MSG, JOIN etc. and if it is it will be sent to the 
irc server
2) if a resident script is available it checks if handlers are available for that command and calls the handler
3) if a script named after the command is available in the script folder ircle will try to run that
4) in other cases the command is sent to the irc server.

fixed a problem while closing 'waiting' dccs

2.6b1 (released Oct 17, 1996)

added /load and /unload command for loading resident AppleScripts (one at the time :))
ircle now send events to the resident script to make event triggered scripting possible

check out the 'eventhandler' script to see how ircle currently does it. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
type /load eventhandler to make it resident

the following events are currently implemented: join, part, pubmsg, privmsg, signoff, nick changes, mode changes,

2.6a22r5 (Released Oct 16, 1996)

the applescript command 'select' now works with channels and windows
e.g: select channel "#macintosh" or select channel 3
the mode (tnipsmlk) properties of channels are now reported
also: logging, topicsetby, topicdate, lastjoiner

added /masstrout script

2.6a22r4 (Released Oct 15, 1996)

added scripts folder setting (temp. at the Msgs prefs)
ircle now tries to run an applescript from the script folder if a file named after the command is found there
i have included an annoying colorgreet sample with this release.
put colorgreet in a folder, select that folder as the scripts folder
in ircle, you can type /colorgreet to make it run. (the scripts accepts arguments from the commandline :))
syntax: /colorgreet channelname

2.6a22r3 (Released Oct 13, 1996)

fixed sound problems while using system 7.1.x

fixed problems on some macs with AEObjectInit (crashes on startup)
fixed problems with fake DCC requests
added applescript support for the following events:


applescript 'get' data works for the following objects:

window (name, bounds)
channel (name, topic, users)
user (nickname, hostname, username, away,ircop, isop, hasvoice)
connection (nickname, servername))

ircle doesnt supported 'whose' and logical/compare statements yet.


do "/join #macintosh"
get the nickname of every user of channel 1
get the servername of last connection
if exist channel 1 then
	set users to the nickname of every user of channel 1
end if

2.6a22r2 (Released Oct 10, 1996)

some problems were reported, getting '0:' in the windows while using commands
these messages are related to appleevents. For some reason ircle gets an appleevent and tries to process it

this version will display more info about it when it happens. If the app still crashes
i seriously recommend switching OFF appleevent scripting in the Misc prefs

2.6a22 (Released Oct 6, 1996)

added some $ variables in the shortcuts.
shortcuts text fields are longer now (display)
more buttons in the userlist
some bug fixes in the Getdirectory routine (used for setting xdcc/fserve, face file, and ctcp sound dirs)

2.6a21 (Released Sep 27, 1996)

added option for sound in query windows
solved dcc get crash soon after accepting (Macbinary recognition)
solved dcc crashes related to closing connections and sound play :)
WAV player helper app selection added.
WAV files now will be played with the WAV player if available.
fixed a problem with auto rejoin after being kicked. (crash)

2.6a20r7 (Released Sep 24, 1996)

made topic change and kick dialogs modeless
userlist allows sorting by number.
some dcc window design changes (not finished!)
thumbactionproc added for connectionswindow
valid until Oct 9, 1996

2.6a20r6 (Released Sep 23, 1996)

changed some sound code.
removed some DebugStr calls that was called when an error occurred.
fixed a longstanding bug (since a19) in the userlist add/deleting/sorting routines
the block of memory that holds the userlist of a channel was created with the wrong size often, causing
data added/deleted to be overwriting other ircle data, resulting in crashes..

2.6a20r5 (Released Sep 21, 1996)

2.6a20r4 (Released Sep 19, 1996)

strange things still occur with sounds on some macs. callback routines arent called although
they should.
Stopping sounds playing gives unknown errors in some cases.
I suspect there some bugs in the sound manager especially on Powermacs.
Hope this release works fine. you may still hear screeching sounds while dccing.

solved (?) bugs in checkuserhosts routine, preventing random crashes.

2.6a20r3 (Released Sep 19, 1996)

solved all standing sound bugs in r2
extensive error checking in sound routines

2.6a20r2 (Released Sep 18, 1996)

it showed that not all sound problems were solved (freezes on some machines)

2.6a20 (Released Sep 18, 1996)

fixed all dcc /sound problems(?)
added 4k dcc send block size :)
minor cosmetic changes in CDEFs.

2.6a19 (3) (Released Sep 14,1996)

changes in popup menus
fixed (hopefull all) dcc problems

2.6a19 (2) (Released Sep 14,1996)

fixed minor layout problem in userlist
fixed some dcc send problems (now even faster, small macbinary files do fine now and other)

2.6a19 (Released Sep 13, 1996)

IMPORTANT: the older *server list* preferences will not work correctly in this version;
to correct this do the following (once);

launch ircle
type /DEBUG
type /IMPORT
type /DEBUG
save prefs

ALL OLD ADDED SERVERS WILL BE ERASED..A new updated list with many networks
 is available in a19.

OR throw away your old preferences files.

speeded up DCCs :)
fixed problems with TAB key
added forward delete
fixed /map layout
userlist/connections window allow sorting now by clicking in header
some list window changes
windowresize routines made compatible with aaron (macos8) windows
coloring now compliant with Apple Grayscale Appearance (macos8)
corrected problems with signon time in /whois query (undernet)
added extended /whois checkbox to get /whois working again on Quarterdeck servers. (MISC PREFS OPTION)
window cycling bug fixed
added frequenty used channels and nicks popup in join and nick dialog.
added wallops destination checkbox
fixed problems with ctcp sound messages in channel.
changed serverlist (internally).
'save channel text' now saves with textstyles and colors.

2.6a18 (released Aug 28, 1996)

fixed problem with server msg prefix (adding spaces randomly)
ctcp handling rewritten (may have some bugs)
face get error msg fixed
added more list options
new standard colors for use with color messages: ctrl-C 0..9 :;< and =
dcc buttons update offscreen now (the last window...)
inbuffer get cleared now when a new server connection is made. (no more unknown server messages like ' nick 001 Welcome etc.'
registration dialog now appears randomly at startup


3rd release

fixed fatal crashes (randomly) soon after joining a channel with 'long' bans.

2nd release:

fixed problem with crashes when long ctcps (actions) where coming in.

fixed qdprocs problem
add new features to list window (prefs dialog), sorting by clicking in the header
fixed tcp error msg when quitting
fixed a fatal crash with long ctcps..


fixed some memory problems (crashes..)
fixed flushing
new List window layout and functions (this will change a bit in the next releases though)
memory partition increased
away msg fixed
added /select # for selecting a connection. (scripts..)


faster network code->very much faster /list search :)
fixed TAB reply bug when in dcc chat window
added popup menus for connections and logging options in certain windows


fixed offscreen problems on b/w macs
fixed some fatal bugs with offscreens
types faster?
/away corrected.


fixed fserve security
copy paste styles in topic dialog
various minor fixes (textedit, faces,)
face window click now works correctly.


/dns command  (/dns ip# or /dns hostname)
added custom sounds
added nick button
motd fixed if switched off
added prefs for server notices (console or frontmost channel)
new whois queue, always shows idle time.
added: dragging of pict file or pict clipping to faces window creates face file for your nick
new face format, PICT (more colors..)
away msg dialog
fixed dcc chat problem


added 'server' button
fixed disconnect button problems
fixed topic/kick/quit dialog problems

IMPORTANT: if you like to restore your pre-ircle 2.6a10 prefs into the a11 version, delete
Pref resource 267 and 268 from your ircle preferences file (using resedit)


multiple server connections
chinese (hanzi) support
bug fixes related to foreign script systems

2.6 alpha 9

custom buttons in userlist
prefs window reorganized
added auto voice, autodeop in friend
buttons are displayed correctly on non color macs
userlist and dcc window updates are now done offscreen on bw/ macs
freezes are over (!)
buttons can be renamed
drag and drop dcc (sending only)
drag and drop users to buttons
shift click user in userlist
fixed dcc crash (introduced 2.6a1)
fixed window update problem after resizing
pressing 'help' key gives help window
dcc completed and dcc cancel sounds
speech rate added
speech voices are sorted in the popup menu

email for comments and bug reports

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