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  IRC Networks    
  AfterNet (worldwide) CastleNet GalaxyNet
  AlterNet ChatNet (worldwide) GammaNet (worldwide)
  AnotherNet CobraNet IdealNet
  AustNet CyNet Iniquity
  BeyondIRC (worldwide) DALnet (worldwide) IRCNet (Europe)
  BlafaselNet Earth International Chat Network (EICN) KewlNet
  BrasilNet Esprit KidLink
  BrasIRC (Brazil) EFNet (worldwide) KronoNet
  BrasNet (worldwide) FEFNet LagNet
  BSDNet FriendsNet LinkNet

  LinuxNet SandNet TrueNet
  MultiNet ShadowX UltraNet
  NewNet (worldwide) SharkNet UnderGrid
  OtherNet SpiderNet UnderNet (worldwide)
  ParaBolax SorceryNet UpperNet (worldwide)
  PhantasyNet StarChat WarpedNet
  PT-Net StarLink (worldwide) WebNet
  PulsarNet StarNet WolfNet-IRC
  QNet StormNet World IRC
  Red Latina SuperChat (worldwide) World Wide Free-Net

  Xworld (worldwide)    
  ZANet (South Africa)    

  Channel homepages
  Anothernet #mac
  ChatNet #Mac_Chat
  DALnet #macintosh
  Quarterdeck #Macintosh
  Undernet #mac
  Undernet #maccafe
  Undernet #ircgamez
  Undernet #PowerMac

  Other IRC Information  
  Current IRC network statistics Lithium's IRC archive (scripts, bots,clients)
  All IRC documentation by Jolo "Everything you'll need for Macintosh IRC"
  Info on all IRC networks mIRC mIRC (Windows irc program) home page
  IRC related documents Pirch Pirch (Windows irc program) home page
  IRC's Homepage at Funet, Finland IRC Search Engine
  Irc clients for the Macintosh  

  Apple Related Information
  Apple Computer Homepage
  Apple QuickTime Site
  Apple MacOS Site
  MacOS Rumors!

About Ircle | Download | Ircle Related Links | Other Useful Links

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