EZIRC Installation Instructions

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EZirc Installation Instructions

To install EZIRC just run SETUP.CMD and follow the on screen instructions.

It will install to the current path, or allow you to enter a path.
It will also ask you to enter your UserID, Realname and NickName.

     Your UserID is your ID on your ISP.
     IE if your email address is xyz@provider.com
        your ID is xyz
     NOTE: If you have an SET USER= in your config.sys it will load it.
           SET USER should only contain you ID not your full email address.

     The Realname field is what ever you want.
     A typical one might be your Firstname and City.
     ie  Bill (Washington)

     Your NickName is again what you want.  It is a handle or alias you
     will be know as.  Try to be original, and if you find your nick in use
     when you get on IRC, pick a new one.  Nicknames are a MAX of 9 char,
     and can not contain spaces. For a space, use a '_'.  Don't use the |
     char, as it is used in scripts to return multiple commands and could
     cause you problems.

After Setup you will have the following directory structure
(where x: is the drive you install to.)
(Unless you installed to the current path. And it is other than \EZirc)

x:\EZirc            Program and Script Directory
x:\EZirc\files      Incoming Files Directory
x:\EZirc\logs       Path for logs
x:\EZirc\sounds     Sound Files
x:\EZirc\server     Path to Server Files from
x:\EZirc\script     Path to string action scripts
x:\EZirc\alias      Path to Alias command scripts.

Script support is handled by EZIRC.SCR in the script dir, and Alias support is handled by EZIRC.ALS in the alias dir.

You also need to UNCOMMENT any of the scripts you want to use. Many are commented out, so as to prevent accidental use. See the EZIRC.SCR and EZIRC.ALS files for details.

Also some of the scripts/aliases have a RETURN near the TOP that you have to remove to allow them to function. This is TRUE of any script/alias that REQUIRES Editing Before Use.

Many of the scripts have lots of features and are well commented. Some have paths that need checking and editing for correct Drive letter. As well, you can add additional paths to check.

The following scripts need looking at.

JOINCH.CMDneeds changes in several places. As well it has features that you can enable for specific channels or functions. Full docs in the cmd file.

The following files:


Contains paths that you need to edit. As well it has a RETURN near the top to prevent it from working until you want it too.

As well, you will want to edit FINGER.TXT in the script path, and then enable it in EZIRC.SCR. And also edit the greet.cmd in the ALIAS path to customize it to your info.

The Alias command /type can type any file with a .TXT extension that is in the alias path. Create any files you want to be able to type easily and place them there. Then use it as /type filename The extension is added by the alias command.

As new scripts are being added all the time. You best bet is to check each CMD file, before using them. You may spot changes that need to be made. ADDITIONAL Scripts and Aliases can be found on the WEB Site.

Getting Newer Versions

May 8, 1997

A web site for updates is available. The URL of this page, is http://www.gryn.org/ezirc/

Please check to see what is new.