Ubuntu on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Canonical and Amazon work together to make Ubuntu worker nodes available for Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS). This fully-managed service makes it easy to use Kubernetes on AWS, without being an expert in managing Kubernetes clusters.

These images are customised specifically for the EKS service, and are not intended as general OS images. To deploy an EKS cluster, follow the EKS user guide .

Latest changes

Add 1.24, 1.25, 1.26 and 1.27 amis with serial 20230804. Add 1.23 amis with serial 20230802.

Show worker node images for: Kubernetes

Region Use this or later image
Africa (Capetown) (af-south-1)
ami-0483b62940292b986 amd64
ami-0b023a89d6eeef866 arm64
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) (ap-east-1)
ami-06fbe81054653bf63 amd64
ami-09b795491db983d07 arm64
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) (ap-northeast-1)
ami-08ea0e3d7d15be3b3 amd64
ami-0ab0cf6db6ef9d324 arm64
Asia Pacific (Seoul) (ap-northeast-2)
ami-0b8321fa96578562d amd64
ami-0b6190c4d4e0f6b0b arm64
Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local) (ap-northeast-3)
ami-05bf24aa28d7cc115 amd64
ami-0d8994d306aefb5e6 arm64
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) (ap-south-1)
ami-09c707dbc8d376392 amd64
ami-09b825ad3fd819d5e arm64
Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) (ap-south-2)
ami-0758e4f26b849d129 amd64
ami-0e8f5dd0c50d0546f arm64
Asia Pacific (Singapore) (ap-southeast-1)
ami-0467b7d4cb8eec950 amd64
ami-0118dd573319c566b arm64
Asia Pacific (Sydney) (ap-southeast-2)
ami-08d4c84b37b71bdb7 amd64
ami-0c2098d34c4354df5 arm64
Asia Pacific (Jakarta) (ap-southeast-3)
ami-0f40aab0ee9c9f0fc amd64
ami-064b389d3ec613467 arm64
Asia Pacific (Melbourne) (ap-southeast-4)
ami-0815ec90490b82034 amd64
ami-0eb948ab7ad623fe2 arm64
Canada (Central) (ca-central-1)
ami-010272aab50f6d199 amd64
ami-0cd3e820b3e1e2d24 arm64
EU (Frankfurt) (eu-central-1)
ami-0ff21ec7370b1f3fb amd64
ami-0527a2741f54ea347 arm64
EU (Zurich) (eu-central-2)
ami-0038baded3107ee87 amd64
ami-07c85e6c602f72031 arm64
EU (Stockholm) (eu-north-1)
ami-055db9ca00d22e406 amd64
ami-0ad5d8231c28acbef arm64
EU (Milan) (eu-south-1)
ami-0ea0aeee64d3a6190 amd64
ami-0bcac1fd761f23f96 arm64
EU (Spain) (eu-south-2)
ami-06b26a57bbf50a59a amd64
ami-0e03e8f193968752d arm64
EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1)
ami-0434a8ce30a1cdc8b amd64
ami-009b9c08f8042a999 arm64
EU (London) (eu-west-2)
ami-04654c8100df2abed amd64
ami-0209533bb4523395f arm64
EU (Paris) (eu-west-3)
ami-0477e72b03c013a81 amd64
ami-0f80b046342eb0aed arm64
Middle East (Israel) (il-central-1)
ami-06ce40952e44e6f50 amd64
ami-0b2d07f42f6cf1898 arm64
Middle East (UAE) (me-central-1)
ami-0509b0fa3c9e1d2e9 amd64
ami-0881fe8b081e3afce arm64
Middle East (Bahrain) (me-south-1)
ami-0dac1c09f67fd6754 amd64
ami-0e045d27ee4091b85 arm64
South America (São Paulo) (sa-east-1)
ami-041c823e2521503c6 amd64
ami-0cd10d1f8c14ad299 arm64
US East (Virginia) (us-east-1)
ami-032a4564f2f4ba130 amd64
ami-076e47d359a7c9113 arm64
US East (Ohio) (us-east-2)
ami-000c38e2fb6e05120 amd64
ami-0075b6efa1008022a arm64
US West (N. California) (us-west-1)
ami-07bcae659b63f0faa amd64
ami-04911d37ca71cca7e arm64
US West (Oregon) (us-west-2)
ami-01eaac45b7564526b amd64
ami-03ec41df3af7cd057 arm64

Kubernetes 1.27

The latest Ubuntu worker node AMIs for Kubernetes 1.27 (N.B. EKS may not be available in some of these regions, check the list of current EKS regions ):

Important: EKS images that support Kubernetes 1.27 use the default amazon-eks-nodegroup.yaml , as specified in the AWS EKS Console Getting Started Guide . To use Ubuntu EKS images with the nodegroup template in Step 3: Launch and Configure Amazon EKS Worker Nodes, click the 'Launch Workers' link for your your region and Kubernetes release version, and enter the Ubuntu AMI ID for your region, listed on this page, into the field labeled 'NodeImageId'.

This image is customized specifically for the EKS service and is not intended as a general OS image.